Relationship Completer v1.0.0



  • Max OS X 10.4 (I am currectly working on a solution for 10.3.9)

Download and Install

Note: This is not the latest version of Relationship Completer! The latest version can be found here.

dl-64.pngDownload Relationship Completer v1.0.0

  • Place the plugin in /Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/ (to make the plugin available to all users of your Mac) or in ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/ (where ~ is your home directory, to make the plugin only available to you)
  • Restart Address Book if it is running.
  • Description

    This Address Book plugin was inspired by my previous rant. It is the first of hopefully many plugins and scripts to realize my vision (and make Address Book more useful).

    Let’s say you have the two Address Book entries: “John Doe” and “Jane Doe”. If John and Jane are married, you may set the appropriate “Related Name” fields in Address Book to denote this fact. To completely realize the relationship you will need to add a spouse relationship to both John and Jane’s entry – each pointing to the other. This violates my first law of data entry duplication: don’t do it.

    That’s where Relationship Completer comes in. It will add a new menu item for “Related Names” that allows you to automatically complete the relationship by creating the complementary related name entry. Now all you need to do is create one of the spouse entries and have the other one created automatically.

    Relationship Completer is smart about creating the complimentary entry:

    Original Relationship Complimentary Relationship
    spouse spouse
    father child
    mother child
    parent child
    child parent
    brother sibling


    1. Create original relationship. In this case that Jane Doe is the spouse of John Doe.
    2. Click (or control-click if in edit mode) on the relationship label (“spouse” in this example) and an action menu will appear. Select: Make “John Doe” spouse of “Jane Doe”
    3. Refresh “Jane Doe” and you will see the relationship is complete!


    Relationship Completer uses all localized strings for the relationship labels as provided by Address Book. However, there are a few strings in the plug-in that are currently English only. If you would like to help translate Relationship Completer to another language please leave a comment below.


    • Add better support for names with prefixes and suffixes
    • Check for existing relationship before adding duplicate entry

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