Install Debian Linux on Buffalo LinkStation Pro NAS Device

February 26, 2007

Today my Buffalo LinkStation Pro ™ arrived. The first thing I did after opening up the box was install Debian on it. This was a pretty straightforward experience thanks to the guys at the LinkStationWiki. I followed the instructions here and didn’t have any problems at all. Read the rest of this entry »


Relationship Completer v1.0.0 Released

February 19, 2007


This Address Book plugin was inspired by my previous rant. It is the first of hopefully many plugins and scripts to realize my vision (and make Address Book more useful).

Let’s say you have the two Address Book entries: “John Doe” and “Jane Doe”. If John and Jane are married, you may set the appropriate “Related Name” fields in Address Book to denote this fact. To completely realize the relationship you will need to add a spouse relationship to both John and Jane’s entry – each pointing to the other. This violates my first law of data entry duplication: don’t do it.

That’s where Relationship Completer comes in. It will add a new menu item for “Related Names” that allows you to automatically complete the relationship by creating the complementary related name entry. Now all you need to do is create one of the spouse entries and have the other one created automatically.

You can find more information and download Relationship Completer from the Software page.

CVS Dependency

February 15, 2007

When my work’s CVS server went down earlier this week (due to a hardware failure) I quickly learned how dependent on CVS I really am. This is not a bad thing; in fact I think it’s a Good Thing ™. The server was down for less than 24 hours but I was definitely going through withdrawals.

I have officially added CVS (or whatever source control software I happen to be using) to my list of “things I can’t imagine living without”. This is an ever growing list which already contains: my car, my cell phone, my iPod, and my wife.

CVS related links:

Composite Entries in Address Book

February 13, 2007

addressbook.pngOne of the things I really dislike in life is duplication; duplication of data and duplication of effort. I find that it usually pays off in the long run to automate a task rather than justifying not to because the task is so simple/small. I’ve been known to utter the phrase “but what if there where one thousand of them” to coworkers more times than I am willing to admit. Recently I have been frustrated by the Mac Address Book application because is requires me to duplicate both data and effort to organize my contacts the way I would like.
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